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We offer a wide standard range of 2 mm / 2.4 mm / 4 mm lamella-basket plugs.

  • The lamella baskets are made of high-grade copper-beryllium and are characterized by their high current carrying capacity with minimal contact resistance and low self-heating.
  • The plug connectors are extremely robust, secure against vibration when plugged in and guarantee excellent contact reliability.
  • All-metal versions as well as touch-proof versions for use up to 1000 V according to EN 61010-031.


2mm Version - Many more options available

basket plug
FK 02 L Ni / FK 02 L Au


basket plug
FK 11 L Ni / FK 11 L Au

Safety lamella-basket plug Ø 2 mm
600 V CAT III, 10 A
SFK 7997 C ... / OK / 0.5