Automatic Ferrule Crimping Tool

R 610 185 3

  • Ratcheting crimping tool for ferrules (end sleeves) according to DIN 46228

  • Automatic self-adjustment to the required connector cross-section

  • Square crimp profile created by 4 synchronously driven crimp jaws

  • Capacity: 28 - 6 AWG (similar to 0.08 - 16 SQ-MM)

  • For crimping end sleeves (ferrules) according to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4

  • For solder-free electrical connections

  • Lateral loading of the end sleeves (ferrules) into the tool

  • Simple handling as a result of self-adjustment to the size of the end sleeve (ferrule)

  • Repetitive, high crimping quality due to integral lock (self-releasing mechanism)

  • These tools have been set precisely (calibrated) in the factory

  • Optimum transmission of force due to lever action for fatigue-reduced operation

  • High operation comfort thanks to the handy shape and low weight

  • All stressed parts are made of special steel, oil-hardened and tempered

  • Square crimping for optimum positioning in confined areas