About Us

We are connected so you can be

On the cusp of the new millennium in December 1999, with 20 years’ experience in the connector industry, Lewis Woodward formed Connection Technologies. The service platform for the company was set as follows:

  • Sourcing the world’s best technology for connecting all manner of “things”,
  • Providing leading technical support to New Zealand businesses – delivering the best solutions to connection challenges.

Connecting all manner of “things”

We source a multitude of connectors from the very best international manufacturers, for use within some of the most critical operating systems. Our connectors are found across multiple industries including avionics, marine, transport, electricity, defence, industrial manufacturing, engineering, medical and communications.

We have carved a reputation for providing in-depth technical support to clients, ensuring the right connector for each specific application - every time. Whether your require a miniature waterproof plastic circular connector or a terminal to clamp the end of a 250mm power cable our expert team will match the right connector and tooling necessary to do the job.

Leading technical support to New Zealand businesses

Our suppliers have been selected due to their ongoing commitment to providing support to the New Zealand market thereby ensuring we always have access to the latest products. Given that the New Zealand market is small, every year we travel the world seeking out new products and personally meeting with business partners to ensure we stay in the loop regarding new technologies.

In addition, Connection Technologies people enjoy close long-term professional relationships with the country’s leading electronic designers and developers. This results in the most appropriate connectors being integrated into their designs.

Collective Talent

Between us, our team of eight people holds nearly 200 cumulative years of experience in the electronics, electrical and telecommunications industries. We are committed to our industry and the success of our clients within it. We have Technical sales people covering the North island and the South Island.

Contact us now and let’s make your technical problem our challenge!