Test Probes

image manager sch galleria kps 6755 ni sw

We offer a wide standard range of 2 mm and 4 mm test probes.

  • Universally suitable because various contact tips can be interchanged in the probe holder for a wide variety of measuring functions.
  • Version with spring-loaded steel probe for pin-point measuring on printed boards. Together with the tip protection head also suitable for slip-proof use on components with DIL grid.
  • 2 mm + 2.4 mm lamella-basket probes for measuring at terminal blocks.
  • Versions available as test probe with axial safety socket as well as with assembled test lead.
  • When worn, the test probe insets can be ordered separately. A cost-saving factor over a period of time as well as an environmental aspect.

Safety test probe
SPS 7097 Ni

Pincer clip
KPS 6755 Ni

Safety hook clip
SKPS 8341 Ni