Self-adjusting Insulation Stripper

R 707 020 A01 500

MultiStrip® 10

  • Fully automatic self-adjustment to commercially available multi- and fine-strand conductors with standard insulation
  • Applicable for multi-wire PVC-, and a large variety of rubber-insulated cable
  • Built-in wire cutter
  • Length stop for pre-adjustment of stripping length up to 11/16" | 18 mm
  • Stripping Capacity: 32 - 8 AWG | 0.03 - 10 SQ-MM
  • The adjustment of the tool is no longer necessary due to the unique self-infeeding of the cutting depth preventing damage to the conductor
  • The steel-made restrain jaws with integrated cutting edges very often also allow professional stripping of cables with demanding insulating materials (not usable for high temperature PTFE-cables)
  • With wire cutter for Cu and Al multi-wire cable up to 10mm²/AWG 8 and single-wire cable up to 6 mm²/AWG10
  • Smooth operating mechanism
  • Easily interchangeable screw-on style blades, length stop and restrain jaws with cutting edges
  • Body made of tough fibreglass reinforced plastic
  • Ergonomic soft compound zone in the handle area for a secure grip