Digital Crimp Tool

R 8520 0000 6 500

  • Special Hand Tools for crimping turned pin or socket contacts with flexible Aluminium Cables
  • It is possible for this Kind of Tooling to complete a Conductor and Insulation Crimp in one single step with the Greatest Possible Precision
  • 3 multi-gauge hand tools and one mono-gauge tool are able to crimp AD cables ABS 0949 into contacts ABS1380 and ABS1381 from AWG 24 - 12
  • Synchronous crimping (conductor and insulation crimp) during the same cycle of closing and opening the pliers
  • Tools perform an 8-indent crimp on the conductor and a hex crimp (24/18 AWG) respectively a bihex crimp (16/14 AWG) on the insulation
  • Full cycle ratchet mechanism with emergency release for reliable crimping