Crimp Inspection

Crimp Inpection v2

How to

Crimping tools provide lower total installation and maintenance costs.


However, controls are required
to help confirm that the proper crimp tools designed for the type and size contact are used, the pin
or socket is properly inserted into the tool, the wire insulation is stripped properly, and the wire fully
inserts into the contact.
When a crimp is completed, correct termination can be visually inspected. The inspector should check for:

• The removed insulation should expose a conductor length that will pass beyond
the inspection hole in the contact and still reveal the appropriate length of
conductor between the contact and the insulation on the wire.
• Wire strands intact.
• All wire strands enter the contact barrel.
• Wire inserted to the proper depth in the contact.
When the correct crimp tool and process are used, a good termination results.